Sustainability and Impact

Our Solid Commitment

At ebb&flow, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.  

It starts with our own day-to-day operations in our showroom and offices where we’ve proudly achieved Green Certification by reducing waste and energy use and offsetting our carbon.  

Those fundamental principles are carried right through to our carefully curated range of designers who work with materials with low environmentalimpact as well as ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques to produce high quality, long-lasting design products.  Quality design pieces that are built to last. 

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce Programme

In stark contrast to mass-produced, disposable furniture which quickly ends up in landfill, most of our designers can refurbish your items in future and extend the life of your cherished furniture piece.  A service which is both kind to the environment and to your budget.

Uniquely Australian

Good quality Australian design is accessible to everyone. We represent many small Australian designers who manufacture your pieces to order. We are proud to be part of the Australian Design Alliance, which advocates for recognition of our local designers’ unique work and talents.

Slow Design - built to last

We are passionate about honest materials, good design and ethical supply practices. We also stand by the quality of the pieces we supply. Most of our designers can refurbish your items in future to keep them out of landfill. It’s kind to the environment, and to your budget. 


The most important aspect of our work is our relationship with you. We act as expert guides, offering direction and ideas. The end result, however, is completely your vision. From initial consultation to after-sales service, we are available, responsive and adaptable: ensuring you always receive the level of support you need.  

On time, on budget

We work to short lead times because most of our items are designed and manufactured here in Australia. If something needs attention, we can fix the issue immediately. We can even refurbish existing furniture to stretch your spend further. With our efficient turnaround times, your project is guaranteed to stay on track.