Caldera Table Range


Capturing the quiet grace of monumental landfors, Caldera by Didier referencces the round craters which appear in the aftermath of a volcano. Additions to the range include elegant, low coffee tables and bar tables at two different heights, evoking the original design intent and offering wide flexibility for residential, commercial, hospitality and workspace.

900DIA x 730H / 1050DIA x 730H / 1200DIA x 730H / 1350DIA x 730H / 1500DIA x 730H / 1800DIA x 730H / 2100DIA x 730H / 900DIA x 400H / 1050DIA x 400H / 1200DIA x 400H / 1350DIA x 400H / 1500DIA x 400H / 1800DIA x 400H / 2100DIA x 400H / 900DIA x 930H / 1050DIA x 930H / 1200DIA x 930H / 1350DIA x 930H / 1500DIA x 930H / 1800DIA x 930H / 900DIA x 1030H / 1050DIA x 1030H / 1200DIA x 1030H / 1350DIA x 1030H / 1500DIA x 1030H / 1800DIA x 1030H/ Custom
Solid American Oak / Solid Brass Detailing (Optional)
American oak veneer / Natural oak with other stain colours or walnut timber by project
Australian design and manufacture
FSC Certified
2 Years
Product Specs
Lead time
8-10 Weeks


Caldera Table Range

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